Email Marketing

6 Reasons to Use Email Marketing For Lead Generation

lead-generation-tipsIf your business is going through a rough patch, you are most likely looking for a unique way to rejuvenate it. Well, a survey by Direct Marketing Association shows that email marketing yields a mind-boggling 4,300% ROI for companies in the U.S.

According to Hubspot, companies using this form of marketing for lead generation generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower costs. In addition, a report on Forbes reckons that email is the major source of analytics information for business marketers.

Lead Generation for Business Success

These numbers not only prove the worth of email marketing in modern marketing but also highlight the need for you to incorporate the technique in lead generation. Lead generation is the background of successful marketing, especially for startups. You can easily stimulate and capture the interest of a target audience with the main aim being commencing a sales pipeline.

Top Reasons to Leverage Email Marketing

Here are some of these invaluable advantages:

1.      Great Return on Investment

The cost of lead generation should always be a major consideration when choosing the tools to use. Email marketing provides the best ROI. According to a report by MarketingSherpa, 81% of respondents cited this technique as the most cost effective. The low cost of creating an email campaign makes it a perfect tool considering there is no printing or postage costs.

2.      Customer Targeting

The days of email blasting are over and with targeted email marketing, you have the best alternative. Your company has collected analytics over a period of time. This analytical data can be used to target the right audience whether they have subscribed to your email newsletter or they have filled a survey on your website. It is all about deepening relationships ultimately leading to a sales pipeline.

3.      Tracking and Measuring

One of the major benefits of using company emails for marketing is the fact that you can easily track your campaign’s success. Measurement data includes the bounce rate, click-through rates and unsubscribe rate, all which will guide you in your next marketing campaign.

4.      Continuing Engagement

Lead nurturing is the next step after lead generation. Your prospects need to be sifted through the sales funnel in order to ultimately increase to sales conversion. When your leads start interacting with your brand through the website, an email becomes a convenient tool to engage with them as you produce new products and advertising campaigns.

5.      Brand Awareness and Trust

Every consumer wants to do business with a credible brand. You can easily segment your lead prospects to smaller groups, which you can then send customized emails. It becomes easier for such customers to trust your brand. Such emails when sent to friends and families, have more social proof unlike the spam emails they are probably used to.

6.      Automation

Lead generation is a tough task and as a marketer, you need to leverage the benefits of email automation. Auto responders, for instance, enable you to automatically send relevant content depending on the action your lead takes. For instance, when a new lead subscribes to your newsletter, an automatic ‘thank you’ email can be sent.

There are many other benefits of using email marketing for effective online lead generation including the speed and scalability. Isn’t it time you joined this bandwagon and watch your business grow?